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2010 Intern Testimonials

Kelsey Whitted

My experience as an intern for Artios Outpost this past summer was one I will always remember. This was a new type of thing for me; I had never worked a day camp or any type of camp before in the past. I did not know quite what to expect, but I was looking forward to it very much. The first camp I worked was the one in Johns Creek, GA. That week was one full of fun, learning and hard work. When you have over 30 kids, 4 interns, and 2 directors, there is a lot to do and manage. However, this challenge proved a growing experience for me and the other interns. The girls in my small group taught me so much and blessed me in ways they do not even realize. I thought to myself going into this, this will be a great chance to minister to these kids. This proved to be true, except, I feel these great kids ministered and blessed me more in turn. Seeing each individual feel so proud of their hard work and their performance, even just during game time, was so much fun. These kids shined and soaked up everything we taught them concerning God’s love and principles of musical theater. This made it worth all the hard work.

A few words about my fellow interns, these three were the main reason these weeks ran so smoothly. They worked so hard and poured the love of Christ into the kids and each other. The camp directors, John and Windy Lane did such a fantastic job. They were certainly the easiest boss’ I have ever had to work for! They worked so hard and they did an excellent job ministering to these kids and their parents. None of this would have been possible if not for their vision and dedication to the Lord. These weeks not only brought me closer to the Lord and His love, but they showed me that I want to continue this kind of work in the future. The Lord has shown me through this experience that He wants me to major in Musical Theater at Covenant College. I am very much looking forward to this and what He has for me in the future. To teach kids the joy of creativity and the Lord’s love for them, would be a blessing in-itself. Overall, my experience interning for Outpost was one full of blessings, growing and understanding of the Lords love and creativity.   

Jeanette Patton

This summer I had the privilege of being selected as an Artios Outpost Intern. This position has taught me so much and was such a blessing. The weeks of preparation, costume making, prop finding, lesson planning, script writing, selecting music, cutting music, choreographing, preparing my testimony, and just making a plan in general for our summer program was quite a task, but definitely worth all the time and effort. I loved every minute we had teaching the kids and seeing what a little hard work and dedication can accomplish. Though I have a lot of dance experience, this was the first time I had really been given the opportunity to choreograph for musical numbers and it is something I now absolutely love. Watching the kids perform at the end of each week and seeing the growth and improvement in each student made all our hard work and sleep deprivation totally worth it. There is no way to describe the feeling of seeing what you have poured into a student shine through them when they get on stage, and knowing that they are doing it all for the glory of God touches my heart to no end.
I went into my internship hoping it would help me decide what I wanted to do with my life after college, and boy did God make it abundantly clear through this program. I hope to one day become a musical teacher for middle school and high school students. And maybe, God willing, run an Artios school myself. But overall, I want to show students how they can use their talents for God’s glory. Because in the end, when the lights go up on stage we are really only performing for an audience of One. This experience is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. I gained so much from the leadership of John and Windy Lane; their vision for the Outpost program is inspiring, and it is a huge privilege to have interned with the first official Artios Outpost.

Jordan Lane

The process for this camp took several months to prepare for; we had worship music to pick out, the whole script of the showcase to write, and lesson plans to learn, as well as small group Bible studies. I had the great privilege of leading worship in the morning which I loved so much. One of my passions is singing and playing guitar. I loved picking out the songs for the next day, seeing the faces of the kids light up when we picked a song they loved, and seeing the joy on their faces while they sang to the Lord. Although I usually worked with the students interested in film, the first week I worked with musical theater. Since I have a lot of experience with musical theater this was a great experience being on the teaching side of things.
I am so glad that I got to teach at the Artios Outpost program this summer. I learned a lot from the kids, the directors, and my fellow interns. I would recommend this camp to anyone and think that other students like me would benefit from the experiences Artios Outpost provides.