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2012 Intern Highlight – Maegen Kelly

2012 Intern Highlight – Maegen Kelly
I went into the Artios Outpost Internship this year not having any idea what to expect, not having any plans, and totally out of my comfort zone. The best place to be for the Lord to work, and that he did! He placed me with the most amazing group of people to work with and having people with you everyday that have the same goal, “to Glorify God”, was such a blessing.
My favorite part of the Internship by far was small groups, which at the beginning of the summer was what I was most scared about. Getting out of the student position and into a teaching role, and not always knowing all the answers was so hard, but the best part, because it caused me to grow and just the students. The Artios Outpost Internship taught me so many things, but here are the top three that impacted me the most.
First, I was reminded of what the definition of hard work is. There is so much more to Outpost than just a 9am-3pm camp. Second, I was reminded of the heart I have for children and discipleship. The campers worked in me far more than I worked in them. And every day I left knowing more about the Bible and myself than when I came. And third, I was reminded of flexibility and leaving room for the Lord to work, which trust me, is the hardest part. Sometimes I didn’t know what to expect or what to do or how to handle a situation and I had to learn to say “Ok God, help me please!” It was for sure a lesson in humility and dependence on the Lord!
This Internship wasn’t easy, but it was the most impactful thing I have done my entire life. I loved every minute of it and I have come away a better Christian and a better person. I could not be more thankful for the wonderful summer this program has provided!