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2013 Intern Testimonials

Katie O’Neal
The summer of 2013 turned my life around completely. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I was so wrong. Coming into training for Outpost…I was terrified. I put my application in at the last second. I was so far from sure that this was what I wanted to do with my summer. However, I’ve never been one to run away from something a wee bit scary, so Jesus grabbed my hand and I dove in, head first, casting all of my fears upon Him. Let me tell you, when you do what God is calling you to do the reward is incredible and that is what I discovered this past summer. God turned me from a type B to a type A spiritual leader, gave me his eyes to see the little children (and the older ;), He gave me new friendships and reignited old friendships that will last a life time, He showed me how a man and a woman can love each other like Christ loves us through John and Windy, he helped me conquer physical goals (like hiking mountains), and one of my personal favorites…He changed my career path from a self focused dream to a passion for spreading His light through what I love (theatre and people). But most importantly, He revealed himself to me in totally new and personal way that makes me want to jump up and down and scream His praises. Somehow, even through the difficulties, I experienced joy. Unexplainable joy. I could not have prayed for a better program than Artios Outpost to have been a part of. God is truly at the center. I would highly encourage anyone who is considering it to apply! You’ll make incredible memories (like people laughing at you when you’re sobbing during A Walk to Remember…wait, that’s just me). :) This summer I grew up and the Lord captured my heart and I am so satisfied in Him that I just want the same for all of you. The Lanes (all of them) will make you feel like you belong. It was truly the best summer of my life.


Ben Charbonneau
Artios Outpost…what can I say about it? Well, being an intern for Artios Outpost was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. It turned out to be the best summer of my life. An amazing part about it was that I was able to learn something from just about every aspect of the program. I was able to learn about my own walk with God by teaching his word to the campers in my small group, I learned about how to handle kids through teaching film at each camp, and I learned so much from being able to spend time in fellowship with the other interns throughout the summer. Whenever I needed someone, being able to know that someone is there for you during the camp week if you need help, was a huge blessing. The interns are always there for each other. Being able to be a part of a family like that makes this internship program just so special. And then John and Windy, though they weren’t around as much as they would have liked (due to Windy’s pregnancy), I was still able to learn so much from them. All of that is just a part of how amazing Outpost was. It had its ups and downs as any kind of summer long experience will. There weren’t many downs, but still a couple. That shows just how amazing the experience was. I miss every little thing about it even those few trials that I went through because all in all it was a life changing experience. One that I wouldn’t trade for the world. And if given the opportunity, I’d be a part of this program again in a heartbeat. God works in every single person that goes through this program. I’ve seen it in the past teams… I’ve seen it in this year’s team… and I have in it in my own life. That is why I would recommend this program to anyone who is up for it. It will not be the easiest thing to do, but God really does provide us with everything we need, and with two directors in John and Windy who know just how to teach every intern exactly what they need.


Dakota Pott
My experience with Artios Outpost this Summer was unforgettable. God really spoke to me through our awesome staff and talented campers. I discovered a lot about myself and learned more from the campers than they learned from me! This year, we had some unique challenges like sickness, Windy’s (one of our director’s) pregnancy, and injuries, but the outcome was well worth it all. I would do it again tomorrow. I miss the constant singing, swing dancing and guacamole making. I will never forget many of the moments in my small groups where I felt that the guys really understood and contributed to the discussion, or in one on one solo work, where God was able to use me to encourage someone to shine on stage for the first time! I feel so blessed and thankful to have had this opportunity and will treasure the friendships with all of the interns forever. We now know SO much about each other (strengths and weaknesses) through our adventures in Colorado, discussions in casting, and prayer/worship times together. I have learned that a testimony is ever-changing, and sure enough, my testimony has changed for the better since the beginning of Outpost. One of my favorite activities at camp was doing push-ups, wall sits, and sit-ups with my small group and teaching/learning that we are so limited and that we NEED God! If you are reading this and are considering applying for this internship, I encourage you to make His agenda, your agenda. You will never regret it.


Molly Wood
The 2013 Artios Outpost Internship program was one of the greatest experiences of my life. When I got accepted into the program, I was immediately put into a leadership position. I had spent my entire life following other people that I thought this would be a great way to ease out of that; but little did I know how quickly that would happen. I had to choreograph songs, teach music, lead worship, lead a small group and so much more! I was definitely out of my comfort zone. But after the first week of camp, I realized how much I loved doing all of those things, even though they could be challenging at times. God showed me that being a leader doesn’t have to be a scary thing – it can be really easy to do with the right people at your side.

And during all this time, us interns became a family. We got to know each other over the retreats and training, and we really helped each other out a lot this summer! There were many challenges to get through towards the end and flexibility was definitely key. During the Colorado retreat we got to do so much like: rafting, hiking, camping, riding horses (for the first time) laughing and fellowship together.
None of us could have gotten this great opportunity without the help of the directors John and Windy Lane, and Mr. and Mrs. Lane. I learned so much from just watching them over the summer and I couldn’t have asked for better people to teach and lead us through this experience. Most importantly, none of us could have done this without God’s help! He was a BIG part in all of this. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this experience and I want to encourage anyone interested in the Artios Outpost Internship to apply! If God is calling you towards this, you won’t regret the decision!

Ian Dorman
To say my summer as an intern with Artios Outpost was amazing, would be an understatement.  It is even more difficult to express all that this incredible, God-filled experience has been in only a few short words.    My internship with Artios Outpost was more than just teaching the art of acting and working toward a spectacular showcase by week’s end.  It was a journey; a journey of walking with the Lord with each of our campers, as well as ourselves.

Outpost is not just a summer teaching job where you work toward helping each camper grow in their talents.    It is far more than that.  Our goal is to reach the heart of every camper and allow them the opportunity to see how the Lord is working in their life and directing their path.   It’s those moments when the kids would grasp a concept, especially when you would pull these deep truths from them to apply to the lesson that truly speaks to what Artios Outpost is about.  When they understood not only how to act out the script, but to find the meaning of it and find God’s lesson in it, that is what was so great about this experience for me.  I witnessed campers embracing the word of God and joyfully participating in discussions, games and activities, while others had to overcome fears and gain confidence.  Each camper had a different journey with the Lord individually as well as with each other.   It was always great to see them learning to support one another and encourage one another in reaching greater heights to achieve the overall oneness at the end of the week.  It was incredible!

I, too, grew in this experience.  One of the things I learned is to expect the unexpected.  I went in to this thinking I had a great plan and that everything would go accordingly, but that wasn’t always the case.  I had to really lean on God this summer in the fact that He would take care of everything.  No matter whether my students were paying full attention or, at times, drawing on each other’s faces, God would reach them where they were every time.

I have to say, that I felt like I went into this experience as an individual, but left as part of a blessed family.  My fellow interns and I truly pulled together not only as a team, but as a family in Christ. The relationship that I have found with each intern, as well as our mentors, were life changing.   I wouldn’t have traded this summer for anything else.  Thank you, John and Windy for choosing this experience for me this summer.   Thank you to all of my intern friends for being the amazingly gifted and kind friends that you are and will always be in my life.  Most importantly, I thank God for directing my path toward Artios Outpost and providing me the opportunity to grow closer to Him throughout this Artios Outpost experience.

Jeanette Patton

This was my fourth year on the Outpost team, and my first year as an official staff member. After being involved for so long, I began this summer with expectations, thinking I knew what to expect… how wrong I was though. God required the whole team to lean on Him moment by moment throughout this summer. We were thrown with unexpected circumstances, but they each made us stronger, and overall, the summer was PHENOMENAL! I was stretched in ways I never dreamed, but wouldn’t change any of those moments. I am thankful for the team and camps God brought together. I know they have forever impacted my life and my dreams.

Looking back on my experience with the program, this summer looked different, yes. But each summer has looked “unique” in its own way. And each summer has been exactly what God has designed it to be. It was amazing to see the team grow together. To see a group of Artios students from all different schools begin as strangers, and leave as a family. I love that about this program. You learn you can’t do it alone. You need help to make it through the hard and good times. Without every part, and every person, the Outpost program would not happen. I am truly thankful for the time John and Windy invest in Outpost, they have impacted me so much during my time with program, and I know each intern which has gone through feels the same way. It is a blessing to not only work and learn under such wonderful leaders, but for them to invest in each of us a piece of their heart.
This years theme for camp hit home. At each camp I saw God revealing new things to me through campers and staff. It’s funny that even though I wrote our showcase script, I didn’t see until the end of each show how much it applied to my own walk with Christ at this season. I have learned so much this summer. I have learned that God has a far bigger dream and plan for my life than I ever would have thought on my own. Yes, this summer had challenging moments, but it has been worth every second. I am thankful for the journey God is taking me on with this program, and am excited for what the future holds. I encourage others who are considering this internship to take a leap of faith and see what He will reveal to you. You might be surprised, and you definitely won’t regret it.