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2015 Internship Program

Teaching Opportunities and More!

Each summer, Artios provides arts related summer camps for public, private, and home educated students called Artios Outpost in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and Colorado. The Artios Outpost Internship Program is a program designed to give rising juniors, seniors, and graduates of any Artios Academies location, an opportunity to experience teaching in their area of interest in the arts, and gain valuable leadership skills that they will go on to use in every area of life.

 The program consists of three main parts:



10366283_637068009707671_2793215243883265487_nTraining is what starts it all off. In the middle of May, all of the Outpost staff and interns will come together for our annual 8-day Intern Training Retreat held in the Georgia Mountains. The unique thing about this particular internship program is the important role each intern plays in creating a one-week arts experience for our campers. The purpose of this retreat is for the interns to build the camp from the ground up, with direction and mentoring from the Outpost directors. It’s an incredible week away for our staff to bond, share, create, prepare, and worship together in a setting that is peaceful and intimate, and removes all of the distracting elements of our everyday lives.





10502138_651528064928332_2056898649606044510_nTeaching comes in when the Outpost camps start. During each camp, every intern is responsible for a variety of tasks that may include; leading small groups, running games, acting in skits, leading worship, sharing their personal stories, and teaching in their desired area of interest in the arts. The interns are stretched physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally during the camps, but they also have A LOT of fun in the process and learn to rely on God and each other for help.  As a result, the interns come away with deep, long-lasting relationships with their team mates, having learned what it means to work hard and glorify God through it all.





10376830_666089703472168_9067337706065108249_nThe ultimate goal of this program is discipleship. Our heart is to not only see each intern thrive and flourish in their creativity and heart for the Lord, but to gain a knowledge and understanding of how to then use their gifts to go on and create more disciples of Jesus Christ, long after their internship is over.  The directors of the Outpost program look for every opportunity to teach biblical principles throughout the summer, but there is one specific week where this is the primary focus.  Half way through the summer, the interns will participate in a week long Leadership Summit in Colorado. Their time there will consist of team building activities such as; horseback riding, white water rafting, shopping in Breckenridge, hiking, and much more.  They will also spend their evenings studying the Word and discussing what it means to be a “leader,” under the direction of owners and co-founders of Artios Academies, John and Lori Lane.



To apply for a 2015 internship, please download the application below and snail mail it to the address listed on the application.  

  • All applications and references must be received by January 17, 2015
  • After January 17, each applicant will go through an interview process with the Outpost directors via Skype
  • Applicants will then be notified of acceptance by Feb 21, 2015

2015 Intern Application