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2013 Intern Highlight – Ian Dorman

2013 Intern Highlight – Ian Dorman

To say my summer as an intern with Artios Outpost was amazing, would be an understatement.  It is even more difficult to express all that this incredible, God-filled experience has been in only a few short words.    My internship with Artios Outpost was more than just teaching the art of acting and working toward a spectacular showcase by week’s end.  It was a journey; a journey of walking with the Lord with each of our campers, as well as ourselves.

Outpost is not just a summer teaching job where you work toward helping each camper grow in their talents.    It is far more than that.  Our goal is to reach the heart of every camper and allow them the opportunity to see how the Lord is working in their life and directing their path.   It’s those moments when the kids would grasp a concept, especially when you would pull these deep truths from them to apply to the lesson that truly speaks to what Artios Outpost is about.  When they understood not only how to act out the script, but to find the meaning of it and find God’s lesson in it, that is what was so great about this experience for me.  I witnessed campers embracing the word of God and joyfully participating in discussions, games and activities, while others had to overcome fears and gain confidence.  Each camper had a different journey with the Lord individually as well as with each other.   It was always great to see them learning to support one another and encourage one another in reaching greater heights to achieve the overall oneness at the end of the week.  It was incredible!

I, too, grew in this experience.  One of the things I learned is to expect the unexpected.  I went in to this thinking I had a great plan and that everything would go accordingly, but that wasn’t always the case.  I had to really lean on God this summer in the fact that He would take care of everything.

I have to say, that I felt like I went into this experience as an individual, but left as part of a blessed family.  My fellow interns and I truly pulled together not only as a team, but as a family in Christ. The relationship that I have found with each intern, as well as our mentors, were life changing.   I wouldn’t have traded this summer for anything else.  Thank you, John and Windy for choosing this experience for me this summer.   Thank you to all of my intern friends for being the amazingly gifted and kind friends that you are and will always be in my life.  Most importantly, I thank God for directing my path toward Artios Outpost and providing me the opportunity to grow closer to Him throughout this Artios Outpost experience.