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Summer Arts Camps

Our Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

It is our mission to establish summer camps where biblical principles are taught through the arts, allowing students to grow and discover their gifts of creativity, and encouraging them to pursue excellence, while using their gifts for God and His glory.


It is our desire that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ permeates the teaching and environment within the Artios Outpost. We strive to hold to the standard found in Philippians 4:9, by maintaining standards in speech, vocabulary, music, and visual representation that is “true, just, noble, pure and of good report.” With this emphasis, we hope to inspire quality of work and work ethic. An atmosphere of excellence is created when focusing on the visual and performing arts. The arts are taught and viewed as a gift from God to be used to give back to God the glory due His name and to bless others around us.

Because the Artios Outpost is a summer extension program of Artios Academies (, we uphold a desire to teach the arts through a biblical approach while maintaining a relaxed and secure environment for those that may be new to the arts and the stage. The Artios Outpost is designed to give students of many ages and levels a chance to further their area of interest in the arts and/or discover a new interest. Ultimately, we hope that every student will enjoy their time at the Outpost by having fun and knowing they are treasured and cherished by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.